Pricing Information

Course Costs

We offer a 1 Hour free trial to see if Henry's Technical Tutoring is right for you! Reach out to us from the Contact page and book your free trial today. Courses are billed for on an hourly basis. Rates are as follows, available in one and two hour time blocks:

1 Hour Block


2 Hour Block


Please note these rates are the same regardless of the course being taught on-site or remote.

You can receive a referal bonus of 10% off your next class for every new student you refer who takes a paid class themselves.

Pre-pay for 6 hours or more of class time per month and receive 1 additional hour free!

For remote learning students any time required to assist you with setting up software on your local computer to gain access to the learning environment is not be counted against the free 1 Hour trial. This would entail the setup of VPN software, any local software to aide with learning such as VSCode and SSH applications as well as voice chat software.