Class Information

Our Classroom Environment

We offer both a physical classroom you can attend in the Hamilton area and also the option for remote learning using screen-sharing with VOIP conferencing software to provide a virtual classroom for students who are remote. Students are encouraged to attend the physical classroom if possible as this provides a better learning atmosphere and direct access to learning tools (required for some of the physical elements like hardware and Raspberry PI courses).

We suggest students bring their own laptop; however, we are able to still conduct classes without it as there are a variety of systems available for use on site. Remote access is also provided to students to allow them to work remotely and do homework tasks in between classes using the same systems they would work on in the class environment. Using your own laptop has the advantage that you can work on the concepts taught at any location at your own pace in between classes without need to VPN or remote in via SSH. We help provide material and guidance to set your environment up if you are intending to build a Linux-based system for learning on. We also assist you with gaining remote access to lab resources from home. Remote Access is free for anyone who is an active student.

Recommendations can be made for where to look to find an inexpensive system to use as a Linux-based laptop for your learning. It will not only be useful for the courses taught here but can have other uses too and would be a valuable investment. Another alternate option for those wishing to use their own hardware is to simply purchase a Raspberry PI. Although not as easy to use in a portable environment as a laptop, it would allow students to continue working at home using the same hardware they would be on during the class.

On-site Equipment

To aide the learning process we have a variety of computers available to students on-site. There is a dedicated workbench for students to use. A student laptop is always available to learn with as well as a collection of Raspberry PI's and electronic components to work with for the Using Python with a Raspberry PI course. A learning VM is available for students so they can work remotely between classes via a VPN. Work performed in the classroom environment is accessible via the VPN for students to continue learning outside of class.

For those interested in the Networking courses there are a collection of Cisco Routers and Switches that make up part of the lab environment here. These are also accessible via the VPN offered to active students taking Networking courses. Virtual routing systems such as Cisco CSR1000V (a software version of Cisco IOS running on a Virtual Machine) are able to integrate with the physical hosts to expand lab setup capabilities.

Remote Classes

Remote classes are taught with screen sharing using Discord. Access to resources is made available via SSH and OpenVPN to allow for easy and reliable remote access to learning equipment. OpenVPN software packages is provided as well as simple instruction on how to configure the required access. We work with you to make sure everything is functioning correctly with remote access and assist you to get this set up if you or your child intend to work remotely. All required software is free to use.