Professional Computer Tutoring

Computer tutoring for any ages and skill levels. Ideal for individuals starting out or looking to enhance their current knowledge base.

Classes offered in a one-on-one format and are tuned to meet your needs.

Future-proof your children for the Information Age with a solid understanding of computers and programming!

computer hardware lessons
Gain an understanding of computer hardware and how to build your own PC.
get started programming
Get a head start in various programming languages used in the industry.
creating electronic circuits
Learn about physical circuits and writing interactive programs for them.
linux system desktop
Pull back the curtains on your PC and learn to use Linux to your advantage.
dense cisco network router
Discover how to build and manage Ethernet networks both big and small.
user with laptop at datacenter
Build skills that will be useful for any technical career.

A range of courses are available under the following categories:

Linux and OpenSource

Regardless of if you are starting out and just looking to figure out getting Linux running on a desktop/laptop or a Raspberry PI, or if you are interested in how to build high-availability clusters of Linux systems with Open Source. See just how much you can do with free software and the right knowledge!


From entry level to carrier-grade solutions that can interconnect tens of thousands of customers with the Internet. See what it takes to offer redundant solutions or learn about how to manage your own home networking yourself. Increase your horizons by combining your Systems skills to support Network deployments!

Virtualization Technologies

Gain a solid understanding of virtualization platforms such as VMWare and Proxmox. Improve your skills with fault tolerance, managing system migrations and scaling virtualized solutions. See how you can get the most out of your hardware!

Programming and Web Development

Looking to get started learning to code? Interested to learn about languages like Python or PHP? Want to learn how to interface with hardware using a Raspberry Pi? We can help get you started on the road to becoming a Software Developer. Especially good for kids looking to find creative things to do on their computer. Take your work home with you or access it remotely on our secured lab network.

Systems and Network Security

From simple techniques to improve your deployments resiliency to attacks to managing your own content filtering web proxy to keep the kids out of questionable sites. Interested in security testing/penetration tests? See what's involved in probing for and compromising hosts in our lab.

Database and Directory Services

Want to see how to maintain a redundant LDAP directory? Need to learn about Influx, REDIS, MySQL or PostgresQL? Or perhaps you need to get a better understanding of how to manage a FreeRADIUS deployment? Curious about setting up your own centralized authentication platform? Learn what it takes to build and maintain your own solution.

Computer Tutoring and Lessons In Hamilton / Stoney Creek Ontario

Henry's Technical Tutoring provides high quality computer lessons for individuals in the Hamilton / Stoney Creek area of Ontario. For anyone who may be further away there is also the option to learn remotely, all you need is a computer and you can get involved! We offer a one-on-one learning environment and focus on what you need to make sure you are getting results from your investment.

If you are a parent looking to give your children a head start in the digital age, a secondary/post-secondary student looking to gain an edge on your peers and get some help with a tough subject or anyone else who is looking to learn don't hesistate to get in touch. Courses are available for individuals who are just starting out and for those who already have some experience but want to further their knowledge or get additional help with existing courses they may be taking now in secondary/post secondary schools.

Why should I learn about Linux and programming?

For anyone interested in learning more about computers and preparing themselves for future changes in a variety of technical fields learning Linux is a must!

There is a clear push towards more use of Open Source technologies and operating systems based around Linux. Annual surveys conducted by (an open online community of software developers) shows a steady increase in Linux use for developers as the environment they program for. Linux is currently the most common platform that professional developers are using, it took over from Windows in 2018 and is continuing to rise in popularity. Chances are the majority of web pages you visit on a daily basis are powered by Linux servers.

Understanding how to program is a very powerful skill to have, this lets you be creative and harness technology to make your own virtual products and applications. Lots of good jobs exist and will continue to increase as computers become ever more ubiquitous in the world, someone will always be needed to write the software that drives them.

Taking a Python course is one of the best ways to start out into the world of programming. Python is an easy language to learn and is in demand. It is a high-level language with easily understood coding syntax. It is supported in Linux and writing programs in it can be very straight-forward. It can be used to learn common fundamental programming algorithms and how to structure a program to solve a problem or achieve a specific goal. For children it is one of the most recommended languages to start learning.

Why is Linux so popular?

One of the main reason tech enthusiasts and developers like Linux is because it is free open source software (FOSS). It doesn't cost anything and anyone has the ability to download source code and change it as they see fit. This has the added benefit of increasing overall security as it is much easier for vulnerabilities (or bugs) to be spotted in code when the code base is open and not closed, fixes to critical vulnerabilities (aka patches) can be prepared faster if more people can help to find problems to begin with. Development tools come built in, or are easily and quickly installed using one of the various package managers (based on the version of Linux used).

While the vast majority of home computers run Windows the opposite is true for the servers and systems that power the Internet. Linux servers are responsible for handling 90% of public cloud computing.

Why Networking, Virtualization Technologies, Security and Databases?

Learning to use and administer Linux systems is a useful and in-demand skill, just as learning to program is. However there's more to the Internet and IT Systems. In order for computers to speak to one another networks are required. In this current day virtualization is used for cost reduction and redundancy. Security is obviously very important when dealing with the Internet at large. Finally databases are key pieces of almost all Applications, anything from Facebook to a simple MP3 player is going to use some kind of database technology to store the data it requires to function. Learning about these other technologies helps round out your skills so when a problem occurs or your need to assist with any of these fields you'll be able to make informed decisions.

A brief biography:

Hi! I'm Henry, I've been involved in the Telecom industry for over 20 years, during this time I've gained a large range of skills and knowledge I can share with you to help your professional growth. I've held various titles such as Technical Support Lead, Network Engineer, Senior Network Engineer, Data Network Specialist and Development Operations Engineer. I began using computers at the early age of 4 and I am constantly learning new technologies and plan to continue doing so as long as I can, as I find it engaging and entertaining! I'm very passionate about what I do and I'm excited to share my knowledge with adults and youth alike. I look forward to helping anyone who has interest and a drive to learn to better themselves behind the keyboard and to introduce them to the world of Free Open Source Software.